Landlord | Tenant

We Representing Chicago Property Owners, Condominium Associations, Landlords and Tenants.

The Law Office of Alexis Hart McDowell, Ltd. provides top-notch, cost effective representation of Chicago Landlords in forcible entry & detainer (eviction) actions at affordable fixed fees and represent Condominium Associations in collection of assessments.

Our services include:

  • Advice as to the requirements imposed by law on Chicago area landlords.
  • Drafting and/or reviewing your lease forms for compliance with local law, especially in Chicago which has a tenant friendly ordinance.
  • Preparing the appropriate 5 day, 10 day or 30 day notice for termination of the occupancy rights of tenants.
  • Advice as to whether to sue only for possession only (“straight forcible”) or for possession and a judgment for money (“joint action”) are sought in a single eviction action.
  • Negotiating with tenants to come to an amicable agreed order to decrease legal fees and court costs and expeditiously end the litigation to your satisfaction.
  • Being available to answer your questions and meeting your concerns as a Chicago property owner and landlord.

A problem owner, tenant, or one who doesn’t pay their rent or assessments not only affects your bottom line, but your peace of mind as well. Most landlords are unware of the true cost of eviction. Below is a general run-down of court, sheriff and special process server fees, associated with evicting a tenant.

Filing Fee under 15,000
Filing Fee over 15,000
Sheriff Service of Process
Special Process Server
Eviction by Sheriff
Posting Notice
$60.50 per defendant
$75-150 (approx)
$50 per defendant (approx)

I charge $800 for evictions which includes the filing the summons & complaint, and up to 2 court appearances (non-jury only).  My flat fee does not include court costs or sheriff fees. If a 3rd court date is required, then the fee goes to $1,000 (an additional $200).  After the 3rd appearances my fee is $250 per appearance. Compliance court dates are $175 (meaning I show up to tell the court whether or not the tenant complied with the court’s order).

Jury trials are done at the standard rate of $250.00 per hour.  Remember, in an eviction with a jury trial, the costs are generally higher as jury trials include costs for discovery, court reporters, subpoenas,  witness fees, or other costs.