Firm Overview

Competence. Compassion.  Legal Counsel. 

Our Mission.
Alexis believes that her mission extends beyond law.  She endeavors to empower others – nonprofit organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs, and families – who need Legal Counsel to make their lives and/or the lives of others better.  Let us be your wise counsel in the following Practice Areas: Condo & HOA Law, Contracts, Copyrights, Corporate, Entertainment, Expungement | Sealing, Landlord | Tenant, Nonprofit, Real Estate, and Trademarks.

Navigating the System for You.
The Law Office of Alexis Hart McDowell solves your legal problems by navigating the “system” for you. Whether it’s tackling the courts or city bureaucracy, finalizing real estate transactions, decoding trademark applications, negotiating complicated business contracts, or completing the necessary paperwork to start a business or nonprofit organization, our Competence in the law will help you bring vision from paper to the public.


Working for You.
We care about you.  You are not just another file in a drawer – you are the start of a new relationship.  We have Compassion for our clients and we will handle you with care as we tackle your legal situation.